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This site utilizes cookies, including third-party cookies, so as to improve the browsing experience and enable people surfing the Net to make use of our online services. The present policy on cookies ought to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which we kindly invite you to consult so as to get additional information on what we do and what we do not do with your personal data. If you keep on browsing our site, you thereby consent to the utilization of cookies. The cookies utilized on this site fall within the categories described hereunder.



Cookies are small text files sent by websites and memorized on your PC, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. They contain basic information on surfing the Net, and, thanks to the browser, they are recognized whenever the user visits the site. Cookies might be either first-party cookies if they are set by the visited site, or third party cookies if sent by a different site from the visited one.



Technical cookies

This type of cookies enables the correct operation of some sections of the website. They are of two categories, persistent and session cookies:

  • persistent cookies: once the browser is closed they are not destroyed, but remain there until a predetermined expiry date or until the user removes them;
  • session cookies: they are destroyed whenever the browser is closed.

These cookies are necessary to correctly visualize the site and also in respect of the technical services offered, unless the user modifies his browser settings.

The technical cookies are utilized for the following activities:

  1. Activities strictly necessary to the operation. These cookies are technical in nature and enable the site to operate correctly. For example, they keep the user connected while browsing, thereby preventing the site from connecting more than once in order to access the various website pages or sections.
  2. Preferences-saving activities. These cookies make it possible to remember the preferences selected by the user during the browsing, by for instance enabling the language to be set.
  3. Statistical and audience Measurement activities. These cookies help us understand, through data collected in an anonymous and aggregate fashion, how users interact with our Internet site by supplying us with information pertaining to the visited sections, the time span spent on the site, and possible malfunctions. That helps us improve the performance of our Internet site.

Third-Party Cookies

We make use of suppliers who might in turn install cookies for the correct operation of the services they are providing, which we have no control upon. If you wish to get information pertaining to these third-party cookies and how to disable them, we kindly request you to access the under-mentioned connecting links with regard to any third-party cookies.



On our websites, there are special “buttons”(called “social buttons/widgets”) that symbolize social network icons (for example, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) and additional websites (Google+, Slideshare, etc.). Such buttons enable users browsing through the sites to interact via a “click” directly with the social networks and the other websites thus symbolized. In that event, the social networks and the other websites acquire the data pertaining to the user’s visit, whereas the Data Controller will share no browsing information or data about the user acquired through his own site with the social networks or the other accessible websites, thanks to its Social buttons/widgets.



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Moreover, by accessing the page, it is possible to get information on behavioural advertising, as well as to disable or enable the listed companies that work together with the website managers in order to gather and utilize information facilitating the use of advertising.